How To Cancel Appointment

To cancel or reschedule an appointment:
1. Login to Beacon Hospital Mall (

2. Click on ‘Cancel/Change Appointment’
3. Fill in all the required information to complete the cancellation or reschedule
4. Our customer service representative will contact you to reschedule

Can I go directly to Beacon Hospital to have my Health Screening without making an appointment?
You are advised to make an appointment online at least 3 days in advance. If you go to Beacon Hospital directly for Health Screening services, you might need to wait in a queue or worst case, you might be turned down during peak periods and holiday seasons.

What do I need to prepare or take note before attending health screening?

1. Customer should fast for 8 hours before blood extraction. Consumption of plain water is allowed but limited to 2 glasses.
2. If customer is on any medications, please bring all medications for review. You may take your anti-hypertensive drug with a glass of plain water in the morning.
3. You are advised to wear spectacles instead of contact lens for vision test.
4. Do not wear jewellery or other valuable items as you need to remove them during your Imaging scans.

1. You are advised to make your appointment 10-14 days after your menstrual cycle.
2. Please re-schedule your appointment if you are menstruating on the appointment day as urine results will not be accurate and pap smears cannot be carried out.
3. Always ensure you are not pregnant / suspect to be pregnant.
4. For mammogram procedure, please avoid using deodorant or talcum powder on your body.